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I plan to dedicate this page for sharing my thoughts, experiences and I invite you Dear Visitor to share also your comments, ask questions, raise topics what interests you with regards to photography or anything else.

What does photography mean to me?

My hobby: Turning pages in photoalbums, looking back in time, I always enjoyed these. I realized that taking pictures is an investment, so that you will always have something to look back at and hold in your hand when you want to recall memorable events, places, a smile, a moment from your life. So a few years ago I started taking photos more conciously, creating compositions within the frame and purchased my first DSLR camera. I think that's how it started as my hobby. 

My passion: After a while I realized that the photography became more than "just" my hobby. In the morning I found myself either reading articles or watching youtube videos about gears and photography techniques, I was eager to jump and grab my camera trying the techniques I have just learnt and at the end of the day usually I went to bed again with ebooks or videos about photography. I created this website, I signed up in different photographer forums and spent more and more time in the photography field.
Gradually I was also enlarging my gear portfolio and as I always fell in love with my newest purchase (this is very dangerous and addictive by the way :-)), I practiced and practiced, gaining more experience. After a year or so - when I got so much engaged and addicted to photography - I entered to the mirrorless world, purchasing my Canon EOS R camera. I think more or less that was the period when photography became my passion.

To be continued...:-)